About Frenchie

FRENCHIE was the owner-instructor of a famous midwest swim school and now she is relocated to teach babies and children of all ages in the Miami Beach area. Her unparalled qualifications as a registered nurse, water safety and adapted aquatic instructor in addition to her unique, loving but strict method of teaching is based on over 35 years of swimming instructions.


Private classes from infants to adults are held at your home, condo, club or hotel. Frenchie makes it very convenient and elimates any hassle and costs associated with travel time, which provides you with the best individual training you can buy.


"Frenchie pays attention to every detail when she teaches. Kids feel very safe with her so they listen when she teaches. I would highly recommend her."   - Ines A., Miami Shores


Frenchie's 'Ready-Go' method enables babies and children to adapt under water with ease.